Can Tapis

Can Tapis is an emblematic country house with its own character. Emblematic because of its architecture, and character due to its origins, both of which conserve features which make it unique:

  • In the interior there is a wine-press, a terrace with a marvellous view, a laundry, and arches which give character.
  • In the exterior it has many trees of different varieties.

Built on a small hill in the village of Camós, its situation is idyllic due to the variety of experiences that it brings at all levels, acoustic, visual and emotional.

Can Tapis at 1000 m2 consists of three separate apartments:

  • L'Eixida with 5 bedrooms.
  • El Trull with three bedrooms
  • El Mirador with three bedrooms too.

Each apartment has its own dining-room, kitchen and living-room.